Set Google Chrome As Default PDF Reader In Your Computer

Set Google Chrome As Default PDF Reader In Your Computer

If you are on a computer system where a PDF reader is not available or installed, you can always use your one and only one web browser Google Chrome as the PDF Reader. Not only that, you can set it as a Default PDF reader in Windows, Linux or MAC. But be sure that your computer system is having the Google Chrome web browser. Rest is just a small trick.Though this trick lets you open PDF files into the browser but it can’t be a replacement of Adobe Reader in any way – you can’t edit the PDF files using the Google Chrome browser. If your concern is only to read the files, you must get this trick ready for your system. Using Google Chrome as a default PDF reader, you always have a one less software to worry about. If you think, Google Chrome is better than your current PDF viewer, then this is what you must be looking for.

Set Google Chrome As Default PDF Reader In Windows 7


Method 1 of 2: Set Default PDF Reader by changing the File Association type

Click on Windows 7 Start button, type “Associations” in the search box and choose the one link that says “Change the file type associated with the file type extension”. Or you can use this path to visit the same – Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Set Associations.

A new window will welcome you with all the file types and it’s associated programs to run it.

Search for PDF file type, you have to do that manually. Double-click on it. Choose Google Chrome from the ‘Open with’ program list.

Or, if it is not listed there, then you are required to browse the Google Chrome application file from the system drive.

Select it and click on OK to confirm the choice. At-last click on close.

In case you don’t know where the Google Chrome application file resides in your computer, right-click on the desktop shortcut for Google Chrome and click ‘Properties’. You can copy the ‘Target’ path to open the location directly through Windows explorer.

That’s it. Now Google Chrome is your default PDF reader, viewer. You’ll also notice that all your PDF file-icons are changed to that of Google Chrome.

Method 2 of 2: Set Default PDF reader using Open with context menu (easier way)

There is an easy way to set the Google Chrome as default PDF reader in Windows. Just right-click on any PDF file and select ‘Open with > Choose default program’ from the context menu.

Choose Google Chrome from the list. If Google Chrome is not listed there, use the ‘Browse’ button and locate the Google Chrome application from your system drive.

This way, Windows 7 and Windows Vista users can set Google Chrome as their Default PDF File Reader. The XP users can follow the 2nd method.

Set Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader in Linux

In Linux, you can set Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader by this following guide. Before you go for the setup process, make sure that you’ve installed Google Chrome in your Linux distro.

Get a PDF file at your Linux desktop and right-click on it. You can see currently associated application at the context menu to open the PDF files but click on ‘Properties’.

Head to the ‘Open with’ tab. See that the Google Chrome is not in the recommended applications. Click on ‘Show other applications’.

Select Google Chrome from the list and click the ‘Set as default’ button and press the ‘Close’ button.

Back to the desktop or any location where the PDF files reside. Double-click on a PDF file and it should open with the Google Chrome browser.

Similarly, you can set the Google Chrome as the default PDF viewer in MAC. Just follow the similar technique as Linux.

Troubleshooting Google Chrome when using is at PDF reader

If you find that Google Chrome is not capable to open the PDF files head to the plugins page of your Chrome browser (type about:plugins at the address bar and hit the enter key). Make sure that the Chrome PDF viewer is enabled.

You are done with setting your Google Chrome Web Browser as a default PDF viewer/reader. Didn’t like it? Reverse the steps to get back to normal. But, Google Chrome as a PDF viewer is light and faster than any other PDF application. What’s your opinion?

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