Remotely Control Any Computer Using Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

There are many times when you need to have the access of a remote computer or give the access of your computer to a remote person. Maybe you suddenly need some important documents at your office which are at your home desktop. A simple email from your home desktop could solve your problem. But your mom is not a computer savvy and can’t help you out in this situation. It would be better if you had a remote desktop utility at your home desktop and you just asked her on phone to start the desktop, connect the internet connection and do the least tasks to start the remote desktop connection. The remaining job can be done by yourself.

The remote desktop connection can also be helpful when you want to help a remote person who is not a computer savvy. It saves your time and avoids describing things performed at your own machine through phone calls or emails.

There are a good number of remote desktop applications. But they all have some disadvantages. There are different applications for Windows, MAC and Linux. But a platform independent application is always best to use. You may also don’t like the application which are too messy and work after applying too many settings related stuffs as the person from the other side may not be a computer expert. The system should be just easy for him/her and the person can co-operate with you by only some few clicks without knowing about the complex settings or options.

The Chrome remote desktop extension by Google can handle all of these things.

The Chrome remote desktop extension is platform independent utility that lets users to get access to any other computer over the internet using a secured and one-time authentication code. This extension leads to a great extent while you want to offer tech supports. The remote desktop connection can be established using the Google Chrome browser as well as the Chromebook.

Get started with Google Chrome remote desktop extension

1. If you have already installed the Google Chrome browser in your desktop, install the extension by visiting the above link otherwise install Google Chrome in your computer first.

2. Once you install the extension, sign-in with your Google account and “grant extended access permission to your computer” by pressing the “Continue” button.

3. Press the “Allow access” button at the very next page.

4. You will have two choices.

You can either share your computer with the partner from the other end or access the computer of your remote partner. To let your partner to get access to your computer i.e to turn your computer into a host computer hit the “Share This Computer” button and the app will be launched into a new browser tab. This will give a one time access code by which your partner(s) can connect with you.

Now, if you want your friend to take control of your computer, simply send the code via email or IM but make sure that you do not place the code publicly (like in Facebook or Twitter stream). This pass code is valid only for the current session. If the session is dead, you need to generate another new code for giving access of your computer to somebody.

Now, you partner can reach your computer by hitting the “access a shared computer” link and entering the access code. Once connected, he/she can see your desktop within a new browser tab.

Though this app works through the Chrome browser but everything of the host computer can be accessed from the remote computer. You can create or delete any file or folder, launch any application even you can remotely shut down the host computer.

P. S – If you shut down the host computer, you will be disconnected and you have to reconnect again.

It works same as the other remote desktop applications does. But the difference is that it is simple, easy to use and requires one time installation without having any hassle of settings.

As per Google, they are testing this beta version and depending on the feedback, they will release another application to control your own machine from another remote computer.

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