How to Organize Online Quiz Contest With Google Docs

Some time back, we covered an article about how to create quiz using Microsoft PowerPoint. That PowerPoint trick worked well for many people who are interested in thinking things differently. But the problem with that method is that it is best fitted for offline quiz i.e you can create a contest and let users play in your computer one by one.But, if you want to organize an online quiz contest so that people can take part from their own computer using the internet, the PowerPoint trick does not sounds much. While various type of software are available in the market for organizing quizes, Google Docs can be the best choice as it is free and simple to use How to Organize Online Quiz Contest With Google Docs.

This article illustrates step-by-step guides of organizing quiz with the help of Google Docs.

Step#1: Sign-in to Google Docs with any valid Google account and hit the Create button then select Form.

Step#2: Now give a suitable name for the quiz contest and write the rules as description. The form has one question template by default. To make sure that you get the name of the contestants, keep the first question as ‘Name’. Also make sure that the first question is compulsory for every contestant. Though, you can decide whether the remaining questions are must or not.

Step#3: Once completed, press the Done button. Now you can insert both the multiple choice or single choice of answers for a question. Click on the Add item button and select Multiple choice or Text or any thing else from the drop-down list.

Step#4: Whatever the type of question for the quiz contes you choose, it will appear with new template within the same form. Type your question, give the options for answer (if you choose the multiple choice), decide whether you want the question is compulsory or not and press the Done button.

You can add as many as questions you want in this manner. Each question template also has the option to edit or delete itself.

Once you are done, you can email or share the quiz form through the internet. If you have a website, you can embed this at your web page to organize the contest for your visitors.

Embedding the Quiz into a web-page

If you want to embed the form at your website page, click the More action button from the top-right corner of the page and select Embed.

Now, a pop-up box with the iframe code will appear.

Grab that code and paste at your webpage.

Sharing the Quiz through internet

If you want to share this form through any social networking platform like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc., just grab the sharing link from below the form and publish it at the social networking sites.

Just make sure that you have un-checked the option “Require XXXXXX sign-in to view this form”. Otherwise, people will not able to view this form.

You can also add some more options when sharing the form. As for example, you can wish to make the form visible for only some people whom you know. Then go to Google Docs Home, select the form that you have created, click on More > Share...

A pop-up window will appear. Apply the suitable settings for sharing and click the Done button.

Viewing the response

To view what the people have responded against your questions, just click on the form name from Google docs home and the results will open into the spreadsheet.

Here is the slide show to help you more in organizing a Quiz contest with Google docs.


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