How To Edit PDF Files for Free

If you want to edit your college document which is a PDF, you can’t as it does not allow you to edit pdf normally like the other document file formats. But the PDF files are popular because people can get access to these files from any platform.
Though the Adobe reader allows you to edit PDF files but this application from Microsoft is not free. You have to spend some bulks for editing or modifying only some of your documents.Here we have introduced some online and desktop applications that helps you to modify or edit the PDF files online without any cost.
PDF XChange: PDFXChange is a desktop application that allows you to edit PDF files from the desktop. You can insert images, add extra text etc. with the help of this tool.
FillAnyPDF: Fillanypdf is an online tool to edit the PDF files online. To embed images or add text into a PDF file, just upload the file using the upload link in this tool and fill the file as you like. You can also share the file with your friends as well as allow them to fill your PDF file.
PDF Escape: It is another online tool to edit or modify the PDF files. Unlike the above tools it also helps to edit the password protected PDF files online. Simply go to the site PDF Escape, upload the file from your computer, edit as your requirements and then download the modified version.

You can use this application as either a registered or non-registered user. While the unregistered users are only allowed to edit their current document, the registered users can log back to their previous work and modify them. The registered users can also save their documents online with their account. But all the above are free.

Though the online applications are trusted enough to upload your documents, we recommend to use the desktop tool PDF XChange for editing your confidential files.


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