How SkyDrive New Features will Compete with Dropbox and Google Docs

SkyDrive is a well-known cloud storage service from Microsoft. It was providing free online storage for Windows Live users. The previous service was not too updated and that is why Google Docs and Dropbox easily left it behind. Now, SkyDrive New Features has added that can make it fit to compete with other cloud storage facilities in the web. Microsoft has made SkyDrive interface more eye-candy and user-friendly.They have also worked more on speed and reliability. All the functions now work in series of threads which make it lot faster for users. Signing in also has been made faster with the help of a special interface the keeps loading the background things while you enter your credentials.

SkyDrive – What are features update and review:

File Management enhanced: The file system has been completely changed and made better to share docs, folder and file management. There are lots of improvements like Folder creation instant, moving, deleting or downloading files can be done in bulk series that too with improved speed. Developers have also introduced moving and copying using right click. You can also create documents with ease. Skydrive has also managed to challenge Google Docs by integrating SkyDrive to all Windows Live services.

HTML 5 and CSS3 Integration: Skydrive developers have noticed that Silverlight helps speed up the file-management engine. Also they have integrated the service and redesigned it with latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques that has made drag and drop upload features, and other similar style animated service enabled with lightweight on browser and server.

Application centered Share: SkyDrive has introduced new updated API for developers who are looking forward to integrate services with SkyDrive and this can be a great step because you can get more online and offline apps that can communicate with SkyDrive. Also, Windows Phone 7 apps can emerge with lots of cloud functionality. Beside that SkyDrive has also introduced features like share via email, link or post. SkyDrive sharing has been made easy and fast. This can bring in a great option for developers.

SlideShow improved and File Type support extended: I am sure that by now you will be ready to use your new interface for SkyDrive. But as the discussion here is getting hotter I will tell you the real things that I liked with new SkyDrive interface. The SlideShow function that was very slow and slaggy before, has been now improved; credit goes to latest CSS and HTML technologies. Now, Document Slideshow or a picture album slideshow has been made much faster. They have also added other files support like pdf and raw. PDF is a great way to attract users here because now a lot of users are using pdf for sending and receiving secret and protected documents. The pdf and raw formats are supported on browser you just need Adobe acrobat installed on your system.

I am a Dropbox and Google Docs user and promoter. I keep searching how to use Dropbox and Docs services for better productivity. The latest SkyDrive has impressed me but yet I will keep using my G-Docs and Dropbox as the SkyDrive enhancement just brought it closer to the services, but still a lot need to be done so that SkyDrive can stand on its own and compete with other Cloud File management services. SkyDrive can prove very useful for people who are using Microsoft Live services but it will not be attracting much Dropbox and Google Docs users.

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