Google Cloud Print without Phone: From PC or Laptop

Google Cloud Print from Mobile is an easy and simple wireless printing that does not require any Hardware specialization in your Windows computer. You can just print your documents remotely using Chrome browser. Enabling the cloud print allows you to send the print jobs for PDF files, Text documents, email attachments etc. to a remote computer that is connected with internet and a printer.

Currently, Google Cloud Printing service is only available for the hi-tech mobile phones like iPhone, Android etc to send the print job. But if you though this is a limitation for you, there is another Google Chrome extension that lets you to print your document from cloud with your Desktop (PC, Laptop)  without having any mobile phone.

Installing the extension adds a Print icon at the address bar.

But the Google cloud printing only works for the cloud documents. So the Print icon appears only for the supported files (PDF, TXT etc.) if they are stored at the web. So if you wish to print your local documents via Google Cloud Print, first save them at web.

What you have to do to enjoy this from your desktop is to sign-in with a Google account and open the web location of the file that you want to print. Then click on the Print icon –  it will list all the printers that are connected with your Google account (learn how to connect printers with Google account).

This Chrome extension obviously made cloud printing available for the people who do not have any mobile phone like iPhone, Android.

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