Google Cloud Print to Remote Print Document, PDF From Mobile Phone

Google Cloud Print to Remote Print Documents, PDF From Mobile Phone

It is again about remote computing! At last Google launches Google Cloud Print to remote print any document file, PDF, email messages, attachments etc from anywhere on the go.Situation can be arrived like you want to print documents, PDF files, email contents or attachments while you are not at your home/office desktop or traveling in a train. It would be great if you could use your smart phone as a remote printing tool and print your documents when traveling.

How does Google Cloud Print work

From any smart phone or mobile devices like iPhone, Android, Symbian, Nokia, Windows phone; you can print documents, while they are connected with Google cloud connect service. There is no need of rushing back to home for printing your documents out.

What you need at first is that the latest version Google Chrome browser. You can grab it from here. Then connect your printer to Google cloud print. This requires you to sign-in with your Google account and then enable the Google cloud print connector. After the connection is setup successfully, you can print a test page.

Now you can print your documents wireless from your mobile device. Open from your internet enabled smartphone and choose the “Print” button from the right-top corner.

Not only the email text message, you can print Word Documents, attached PDF files by clicking the “Print” button appearing next to it. Anyhow, currently the cloud printing can be triggered only from the mobile devices. If you want to trigger the print job from a remote computer via Google cloud printing, you should wait for some days or months.

Google cloud printing is independent of the status of your printer at the host computer. If the printer is not available when submitting the print job remotely, the print job will be queued in the cloud and will be printed at the next while your printer becomes online.

Please note that the cloud printing is now available only for Windows operating system. Having said by Google that Google Cloud Print for Linux and Mac user will be available expectedly in few weeks.

Printing From Mobile in Linux and MAC

While Google cloud print is not available in this moment for Linux and MAC operating system, So you can use VB script for the remote print. All you need to have a Dropbox account and corresponding Dropbox client for your operating system to trigger print job from the remote device.

So, if your Os is Linux or MAC, you can submit you print job remotely, by following his method. Just install the VB script under the “My Dropbox” folder.

For more information visit Google cloud print help.

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