Extract Images From Word, PowerPoint Documents Without Any Office Suite

Here ,How we can extract images From Word, PowerPoint Documents Without Any Office Suite. Sometime you might be asking for some images from your friend and he send them embedding into some PowerPoint or word document file. The frustrating thing to get those images is that you will have to install the Office suite if you do not have it in your PC. Installing the suites only for those images is not a productive way.

But there is a way to get only the images from the PowerPoint presentation, Word documents without installing any Office suite.

Actually, the files, generated in Office 2007 or 2010 are like a zipped file containing XML and some folders. One of the folders contains all the images that are embed into the document files. Our goal is to find out that folder and collect the images only.

This trick is simple! Just change the extension at the file name to .zip and extract it with any extracting tool. We shall show here how to extract the images from the .docx or .pptx file formatted templates.

Finding the images of Office document files

So, at first, select the document file and press F2. It should highlight the file name. Select the extension by dragging the mouse. If you can’t find the extension, make changes in the Folder Option to show the extension with the file name. At the Folder option, flip to View tab and deselect the check box Hide extension for known file types. Now change the extension name to .zip. For instance, if you want to get the images from a PowerPoint file, change .pptx to .zip. The file extension for Word documents is .docx, change it to .zip
Once you’ve changed the extension to .zip, hit Enter. You will get a warning message. Simple click Yes. Now the file will be converted into a zipped folder with the same name of the original file. Extract that folder using any
The location of the images differs for different document types. In PowerPoint the location is: document_file_name.zip > ppt > Media. For Word documents it is document_file_name.zip > word > Media.


1. Press F2.

2. Change .docx to .zip and hit Enter.

A message should appear like this:

This will convert the file in a zipped folder.

After extract the folder, you can find a folder word under the main folder.

double click to open the folder word and a folder named as media should reside under that folder.

The folder media contains all the images which are embedded into your document file.

This helped me lot to get the images from the Office documents without installing any Office suite in my PC. But this does not work for Office 2003 or the older versions.

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