Create an Interactive Quiz Contest Like KBC Using PowerPoint

So, you use PowerPoint to prepare any presentation for your office or college project. You can further animate the slideshow, insert any video or display live webpages as well in the presentations. Apart from creating a presentation, this powerful tool can be used to build a simple Quiz Contest. Even you can make your Quiz Contest more attractive by adding some spicy layouts, sounds etc. Here is how to create a complete Quiz Contest like KBC with PowerPoint.

We’ve illustrated the whole workarounds in step by step. The following parts are involved into the whole procedure: Planning, Creating slides, Linking, How to play the Quiz Contest.

How to organize Quiz Contest in PowerPoint



First, and most importantly, you should have a clear planning over how the contest will go ahead. The starting part of the contest is the Welcome screen. Here, a user can choose whether to participate into the contest or not.

After getting involved, he gets a slide that posses a question and its answers (options). You can put any number of alternatives for the answer.

For instance, I’ve considered three options here. Therefore, if the contestant clicks the correct option, he will be awarded the next slide of question and so on. Clicking the wrong one puts the person out of the contest. though he can choose to replay the contest.

Once a contestant chooses the correct answer at the last question slide, he will be taken to the congratulation slide. Here is the draft of a flowchart to organize a Quiz Contest in PowerPoint.
Creating Slides

  • Open PowerPoint and design the welcome slide. The welcome slide should have two optional buttons: Start and Quit. You can create them by clicking on Insert > Shapes from the ribbon.


  • Now, design the slides for question. For convenience of use, create one slide and prepare the template first; insert the question then answer buttons (you can put any number of options as your wish).


  • Copy the slide to create more question slides as many as you like. Then, just change the question and answers for the upcoming slides. Note: You can also configure the layout for your slides from Slide Master. Learn more on that from here.
  • Prepare the ‘Error slide’ which is shown if the participant chooses the wrong answer. Keep here two options for the participant: Play Again and Quit.
  • Create another slide, the ‘Congratulation slide’. It is shown if the participant completes all the question stage with correct answer. Here I suggest to put the ‘Quite’ option also.

Lastly, create a ‘Thank you‘ slide to show at the end of the contest.

Linking Slides

The next task is to link the slides and you should do it wisely. For example, the participant starts from the Welcome slide and if he select the Start, he is served by the first slide which contains the question and its answers. Now, link the button for the correct answer in such a way that if he clicks it, the next slide appears. Choosing the wrong alternatives, the Error slide comes in.

In the last question slide, link the correct option with the ‘Congratulation slide’. That’s all to set up a quiz contest. Although, you can customize it as you like.

How to link a button in PowerPoint

To link any button in your slide by right-click on the button, then choose ‘Hyperlink‘ from the context menu.


The ‘Insert Hyperlink’ pop-up window appears. Click the ‘Place in This Document’ button from the left sidebar.


Now, select the slide or page that you want to connect with the button and click OK.

While you are ready with all your slides and linking them with proper buttons, you can start the quiz contest as a slide show.

How to play the Quiz Contest

Firstly, select all your slides except the ‘Welcome slide’ from the slide navigation bar in PowerPoint. Head to the ‘Slide Show’ tab from the ribbon and select ‘Hide Slide’.


Save the document as ‘PowerPoint show’ from the ‘Office button’.


Once you save the slideshow as PowerPoint Show, you can play that quiz contest any time by clicking on the file you just created.

That’s it! Further suggestion is accepted. Please drop it into the comment section.


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