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Suppose, you want to make a PowerPoint Presentation for your college or business and the source of information is in PDF aka Portable Document Format . Then you have to retype your information in PowerPoint from the source PDF file. This is very annoying and time consuming matter.There are so many free software are available in the internet to Convert PDF file To PowerPoint Presentation and many more. These software are pretty good and very helpful but not available all time in your fingertip. Here we’ve shared some free web application to do this conversion very effectively and much easier way.

Best Apps to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Presentation Online


ConvertPDFtoPowerPoint is a free cloud based application, which can convert any PDF file to PowerPoint Presentation. After conversion, you can easily edit your presentation in PowerPoint. You can also edit the style, font, insert images, videos, clipboard and do other decoration style in the PowerPoint Presentation. Even you are allowed to copy-paste from other documents. The user-friendly interface has made the work easy. No registration or sign up process is required to make use of this tool.

Key Features

  • Converted file is editable in PowerPoint.
  • After conversion you can add all of the PowerPoint features like layout, images, videos and other things in your PowerPoint presentation.
  • You are allowed to copy-paste from other document in your PowerPoint presentation.
  • No limit of usage and it is totally free of cost.

How To Use ConvertPDFtoPowerPoint?

Open Convertpdftopowerpoint and click on “Browse” to upload the PDF file. Select the file which one you want to convert.

Enter your email address and click on “Send”.

After completing the conversion you will get an email. It will send a download link to your email address. Check your mail box and download PowerPoint file from the link.

2.Free PDF to PowerPoint Converter

This is yet another awesome and obviously free online PDF to PowerPoint presentation converter that helps users the exact thing without executing any complex steps. The user interface looks pretty good and comes with minimum features – just like open the site and get things done. This web app works as same as ConvertPDFtoPowerPoint.

How to use Free PDF to PowerPoint Converter?

This is web application is very easy to use. At first, head to the official website of Free PDF to PowerPoint Converter.

Upload your desired PDF file to the server and enter your email ID.

Although, it offers an additional drop-down menu to select any other option, yet, that is useless. There is no second choice at all. Therefore, leave it as it is and it the “Convert” button. You will get email within few moments regarding this conversion.

3.PDF Converter

Alike those aforementioned tools, you can also use PDF Converter to convert PDF file to PowerPoint presentation on the go. This is a free web application and does the same work. The visual design is better than previously mentioned tools. If you have a smaller screen mobile, you can still use it since the converter is placed in the Sidebar. Hence, the layout of the converter will not be cracked in smaller screen.

How to Use PDF Converter?

To convert your PDF file to PowerPoint Presentation, go to the PDF Converter website and upload your file.

Then, enter your email address and hit the “Start” button. That’s it. This is as simple as said. You will receive an email to download the converted file.

4.PowerPoint Converter

This online PDF to PowerPoint converter comes first, when someone requires most rated tool. This is one of the best online PDF to PowerPoint converter, which comes at no cost. In terms of user satisfaction, this is the best tool out there.

How to use PowerPoint Converter?

Although, above-mentioned tools work only from hard drive’s PDF file, yet, you can import PDF file from the web as well as from Dropbox. Therefore, just go to the PowerPoint Converter website and select a source form where you would like to upload your PDF file.

After the first step, hit the “Convert File” button and wait for a few second [It depends on your file]. In next few couple of moments, you can download the converted file directly from the website. There is no need to enter your email ID to get the download link or for anything else.

Bonus: Not only from PDF but also you can turn any file into PowerPoint by making use of this tool.


ThePDF is yet another great tool to convert PDF file to PowerPoint Presentation. This is certainly the easiest to use web application to do this job. The visual design contains minimum features and hence it will become easy for you.

How to use ThePDF?

At first, open the ThePDF website and click the “Select” button to upload your PDF file.

After uploading, click on “Convert” button. Now, give it sometime to convert your file to PowerPoint Presentation. After doing so, you will get the download link on your screen.

Obviously, a dedicated Windows or Mac software is good to convert any file instead of web application, when it comes to ease of access, stability and overall performance. However, you cannot use them everywhere when you do not have PC in front of you. That is where these web application come in to convert PDF file to PowerPoint Presentation.

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