Access Any Computer Remotely By Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection utility is a strong networking technology which helps you to connect between computers remotely belonging in distinct location. With the help of this application you can easily connect your host computer over a network and access all program, files and network resources through your computer, in the sense you can get full control of your remote computer. Fortunately Windows 7 has the Remote Desktop Connection ability only in the  professional, Enterprise and Ultimate version of Windows 7.

To connect the host computer with the Remote Desktop Connection at first  you have to create a network to connect the computers over a network. Then enable the “Remote Desktop Connection” in both computer. Here is the procedure how to enable this option and connect your remote computer with this application.


Procedure To Enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7

  • Go to the start menu and right click on “Computer” then select  “Properties“.


  • Click on “Remote setting” option at left pain of the new window.


  • Under “Remote” tab check the “Remote Assistance connection to this computer” option. In the Remote Desktop section enable the option “Allow connections from computer running any version of Remote Desktop” to allow people using any version of Remote Desktop. Click on “Apply“.

Procedure to Connect Remote Desktop

  • Follow the path Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.


  • A new window “Remote Desktop Connection” will appear. In the box put the IP Address or full computer name to which you want to connect. Click on “Connect”.Before click the connect make sure that your home computer and host computer both are connected over a network.


  • As soon as click the connect button it will take a few seconds and connect with your host machine. Now you can log in your host computer through your computer. Put the user name and password to log on to the remote computer. Now you are allowed to access all files, folders and other resources remotely from your computer computer.

Note: After establishing the connection the remote computer will get logged off.


If you want to customize the remote desktop connection settings then click on “Option” button in the log On dialogue box. From the general tab you can save the connection profile, from display tab you can set the display size and colors of your remote desktop. There are many options available like adjusting connection bandwidth, running specific program and a lot of other features.


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